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Future Trade Markets

Building capacity for modern wholesale

The unorganized sector accounts for more than 90% of wholesale and retail in India. Future Market Networks aims to address this opportunity in unorganized wholesale trade by developing efficient infrastructure backed by a robust supply chain facilities in major cities.

Head-start in organized trade infrastructure

First-mover advantage in building organized trade infrastructure in India

  • Currently developing first-of-its-kind wholesale trade market in Bengaluru

Unique value proposition

  • Professionally managed facilities/services
  • Multiple categories within a single infrastructure asset / complex
  • Target customers including wholesalers, retailers and end-users

Sustainable competitive advantage

  • Understanding of the Indian consumer from our leadership position by Future Group
  • Joint-venture with Fung properties, which brings international sourcing capabilities

Traditionally, wholesale trade infrastructure was developed for smaller intermediaries in the old parts of cities which over time resulted in under-developed facilities/services leading to limited foot-falls from wholesale merchants, retail-end users and higher rentals. As cities expanded around these locations, the existing wholesale trade infrastructure could not be upgraded.

Future Market Networks aims to build wholesale markets that:

  • Offer a modern shopping-mall like infrastructure
  • Serve as information, innovation, exhibition and distribution centres for consumer goods
  • Create an efficient market place where sellers, buyers, merchants, traders and end customers converge

Successful models for similar organized trade infrastructure currently exist at Yiwu in China and Dragon Market in Dubai.

With an aim to develop trade infrastructure on a pan India basis, Future Market Networks is planning for 8 Indian cities as wholesale hubs to support modern retail of the future.