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Company Overview

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The Company was incorporated with the name Future Mall Management Limited on March 10, 2008. The name of the Company was changed from Future Mall Management Limited to Agre Developers Limited on October 4, 2010. The name of the Company was further changed from Agre Developers Limited to Future Market Networks Limited on February 6, 2012.

Building Capacity for Tomorrow’s Growth

At Future Market Networks (formerly known as Agre Developers), we are building capacity and enabling the infrastructure for future markets in a more efficient and cost effective manner. We aim to create a network of new markets by integrating and better organizing the modern wholesale trade, retail and logistics infrastructure in India.

Infrastructure development is critical to economic growth. Logistics and wholesale trade infrastructure form the backbone that India needs to move its consumption-led retail growth story forward. However, since most of our infrastructure, especially wholesale trade markets, was designed and built decades before liberalization began, there is an urgent need to boost the wholesale trade and retail infrastructure network capacity to meet the demands of growth over the next decade.

Future Market Networks aims to address this opportunity to implement a logistics infrastructure strategy that maximizes efficiency and develops a wholesale network that enhances wholesale trade experience. We aim to bridge gaps in infrastructure or logistics to ensure supply remains in tandem with consumer demand.

Retail Infrastructure
Trade Infrastructure
Mixed-use Development

As a part of Future Group, India’s modern retail pioneer catering to the entire consumption space, we have aligned our business practices to our larger objective of being a premier catalyst in India’s consumption-led growth story. With a young and professional leadership team, we leverage our strength in innovation and strong entrepreneurial drive to contribute to the goal of sustainable and profitable growth and propel India’s growth story.